Tips on how to look unique

Being unique is a lot more fun than being ordinary. Living in a fiercely competitive world like ours, regardless to which part of the world you call home, all of us, are in a competition. Perhaps you might not have noticed it yet, but all of us in some sort of competition at each point of our lives. The need to score better points, the need to earn more than “a certain someone”, the need to cook better, to sound better, to look better…it’s all a huge competition.

As unsettling as this may sound, it’s not all bad. After all, a little healthy competition can make life a lot more interesting!

And if you want to make yourself look different from the rest, if you want to add a touch of unique in how you look every day, perhaps even create your own “signature” style, then here are a few of our suggestions.

How to be unique with your clothing?

Here’s the thing; you are not going to buy unique clothes, if you buy from the same stores that everyone else buys from. As sad as that feels, perhaps you should try buying your clothes from the less popular spots. Online shopping is a good idea as well. But to us, the ultimate method of being different from the rest, is to make your own clothes. If you’re handy with a sewing machine; then you’ve been given the keys to a brand new world! Even if you’re not, not to worry. Simply design your clothes, and find a flexible seamstress/dressmaker to do your sewing. Unique clothes in a flash!

How to be unique with your jewelry and accessories?

Like clothes, jewelry too tends to be made in bulks, especially for retail selling. In this case, it’s not uncommon to bump into someone wearing the same shoes or even similar earrings as yours. To avoid this, you need to (once more) avoid the popular places for accessories. Try your hand out in DIY jewelry. Trust us, there’s a different satisfaction in being able to make you own jewelry. But if this is not an option, then remember that most jewelry makers will be very happy to make you your own, unique designs. And these can become your “signature”, just like clothes.

How to use colors and styles to create your own style?

Choosing the correct colors to suit your body shape and skin tone can be a little challenging. But if you finally find the correct color tones, it can make you look and feel brilliant. If you decide to stick to a certain color and shades of it, then this too can turn into your signature style. This works the same with certain clothing styles, or haircuts as well. Though we personally prefer to try out new styles and haircuts, we understand that not all styles suit everyone—which makes sticking to one style a lot easier.

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