Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes online is quite tempting. There are a number of products and deals available just at your fingertips. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can get scammed easily when shopping online for clothes. You can also easily get carried away and end up with loads of bad products. When shopping online for clothes, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Always Check the Measurements

Never, ever buy clothes without checking the measurements provided. Legitimate online merchants often offer extensive measurement details. If no measurements are provided, ignore the listing and move on. Also, do not speculate that the measurements will fit you. Make sure you understand the units presented. A centimetre is not the same an inch. It’s wise to take your own measurements before buying clothes so you can compare right away. If sizes are presented, such as S or XL, measurements for these sized should be presented as well. When you buy online, international size units may vary. The Asian XL is not equal to Australia XL. You can Google size differences and you should before you make any purchase. (And yes, you need to check sizes for undies as well).

Visit Local Sites First

You can buy clothes in bulk from Amazon and eBay, but you should probably check out the local sites first. In Australia, Fascinator online or is preferable to international sites. These sites will list prices in Australian dollars so you don’t lose money to the exchange rate. Plus, they will list Australian sizes and measurements. More importantly, these sites may have local stores or offices, so if there’s a dispute, it’s easy to solve. You can also easily return clothes to a local office than ship it internationally.

Stick with Well Known Sites

Do not entrust your credit card information to unknown or obscure shopping websites. Purchase only from sites that are popular, well known and have plenty of reviews. Little known sites may not have strong privacy or return policies. Also, make sure the site you buy from is safe. You can look at the left side of the address bar for a green lock. This sign indicates that the website is authentic.

Buy with a Return Policy

When buying clothes, it’s smart to buy from merchants who offer return policies. The standard should be a 30 day return policy. Some clothing items, like delicates, may not be possible to return. If that’s the case, you should be absolutely sure you need to buy it online before making a purchase. For all else, make sure your purchase is protected by a good return policy.

Do Not Buy Used Clothes

Don’t buy clothes online for cheap, no matter how cheap it may be. The clothes you buy may arrive at your house with fabric damage, stains or other unspeakable things. Buy used clothes from physical used clothes stores in your area. Most of these stores clean the items before selling. Just don’t do it online.

Also, don’t forget to read reviews for the merchant and compare prices.

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