Common product packaging mistakes to must avoid

Product packaging is like style. It is how a company expresses itself without actually interacting with the consumer face-to-face. Style too is very much similar. It is a way for people to express who they are and what they are like, without having to say a word. Hence, needless to say, there should be a meticulous thought-process behind product packaging to ensure the relevant message is delivered accordingly. However, it can be easy to make blatant mistakes, which in turn can be detrimental to the success and progress of the company. Which is why, this list consists of precisely such things to watch out for.


Some companies outright copy another brand’s ideas, that often one is left scratching their head wondering, ‘Seriously?’ It simply makes no sense. Why would they imagine that consumers would want to buy something that has ripped off someone else’s ideas? Aside from the shameful plagiarism, it also does not offer any sort of distinction from the crowd. Obviously that is not the point of packaging is it? Even if you use the best labelling equipment out there, if there is no originality, the battle is already lost.


Some companies tend to be over-ambitious (yes there is such a thing), and in doing so, end up wrecking whatever potential they did have. Though you are not supposed to copy another product, you should not go overboard either. When there is too much going on with the packaging, consumers will get confused and they do not like to get confused. They are already wondering why they should choose your product over another; do not give them a reason to put it down and walk away. Keep it to the point and comprehensive.


You do not want the packaging to be too small or too large. You will incur unnecessary costs and losses. It is not just about using a small character printer to ensure the text fits, it is about creating seamless packaging that is right for the product. You will even waste transportation costs if the products are in packaging that is too bulky. Make sure the department responsible for this accurately measures the necessary requirements for a comfortable fit.


It is true that customers do not like to deal with products whose appearance consistently change because they do like a sense of familiarity, but you should not also let it stagnant for ages. We live in a fast-paced world, and customers are always looking for new concepts and ideas. Do not let your packaging live out its time. It shows that the company is not on top of its responsibilities, and is unaware of changing trends. Consumers prefer to opt for companies who are in-touch with the environment than those who are not.