Most devastating aviation disasters

Everybody uses airplanes to travel from one destination to another. Flight has become so common today and millions of people use it daily. Since commercial flying became popular people have been flying as it was faster and more comfortable than travelling by ship. Statistically flying is actually one of the safest ways to travel but there have been instances that it has turned deadly. Even though more people die from driving related accidents aviation disasters can claim many lives at once due to the airplanes carrying many passengers. Usually when there’s an accident there’s a long investigation and when the fault is found the industry as a whole makes sure it does not happen again. Here’s a list of the most devastating aviation disasters.

Tenerife airport disaster

The Tenerife airport disaster is known as the deadliest disaster in aviation disaster. Two Boeings 747 collided on the runaway and claimed 583 lives. Due to a bomb threat many aircrafts were diverted to Los Rodeos Airport. Many airplanes were parked on the taxiway therefore blocking it. Both the controller in the tower nor the pilots were able to see due to the thick fog. Since there was no ground radar the air controller could only identify the airplanes through voice reports over the radio. The captain of one of the flights tried to take off without clearance from the air traffic control but he believed he had clearance due to a misunderstanding. This resulted in a collision. The accidents resulted in many new regulations and changes in existing ones.  Further certain phrases such as take-off can only be said when actual take off clearance have been given.

Japan Airlines Flight 123

The Japan Airline Flight 123 was another large disaster that took place due to faulty repairs. Seven years prior to the accident the plane’s tailstrike was affected as the rear pressure bulkhead was damaged. The repaid done by Boeing did not conform to their approved repair method. Even though the repair was faulty the flight successfully completed 12,318 flights till the accident. In its last flight the plane suffered an explosive decompression 12 minutes into the flight and crashed 32 minutes later. The crash resulted in 520 fatalities. After this incident airline safety standards improved and repairs were done according to approved methods. Today anyone could go to an aviation equipment shop where everyone can get parts from.

Chakri Dadri mid-air collision

This was the deadliest mid-air collision claiming 349 lives.  This crash that happened mid-air was due to failure to follow instructions.  This failure to follow instruction was either due to communication problems or cloud turbulence. The pilot had descended more than he was instructed to. Further there was the difference of using the metric and imperial system. This accident made India introduce mandatory airborne collision avoidance system to all aircraft flying in and out of India.